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Business Risk Services

ICA offer Business Risk Services (BRS) to help manage businesses through BRS specialists who give independent advice to public, private and not-for-profit organizations. The aim is greater transparency and stronger corporate governance. This is achieved through robust internal controls, better use of information technology and operational improvements.

We provide governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services to help organizations achieve their business objectives and manage uncertainty. GRC is a system or a strategy that integrates the following three components: corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Corporate governance refers to responsible leadership for the benefit of the people and the interest groups associated with the business. Risk management refers to identifying and counteracting possible risks that may affect the business objectives. Regulatory compliance refers to implementing and complying with all applicable laws and regulations in day-to-day business. GRC aims to unify and align an organization’s approach to these three functions and improve business performance and decision-making.


Our GRC services include:


– Designing and implementing a contemporary and effective governance framework that supports your purpose and goals.

– Aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers and transforming your program from a reactive, check-the-box exercise into a powerful function able to anticipate and mitigate risk.

– Developing and executing risk management strategies that address your specific risks and opportunities.

– Enhancing your internal controls and compliance processes to reduce costs, duplication of effort, and exposure to regulatory penalties.

– Leveraging GRC technologies to automate and streamline your GRC processes and provide real-time insights.


We have a team of experienced professionals with expertise in various domains and industries. We can help you create a customized GRC solution that suits your needs and expectations.

We help organizations increase efficiency and streamline their operations. We offer guidance on process improvement, supply chain management, and performance management to help clients achieve their operational objectives. Our expertise in operational improvement services allows us to help clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Our strategic services help organizations develop and implement strategies that drive business growth. We offer guidance on market analysis, competitive positioning, and business strategy development to help clients capitalize on market opportunities and achieve growth. Our extensive experience in strategic services enables us to help clients navigate complex business environments and stay ahead of the curve.

Our assurance services provide independent assessments of financial, operational, and compliance risks to help clients mitigate these risks and ensure accuracy and reliability of their financial reporting. We have a team of experienced professionals who use advanced audit methodologies to provide high-quality assurance services.

We help clients assess the performance and compliance of their vendors and partners. We have a team of experienced professionals who use a structured and objective approach to evaluate vendor performance and identify areas for improvement.

We help clients measure and assess the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives. We offer guidance on program design, performance measurement, and evaluation to help clients achieve their goals and improve outcomes.

Our business process re-engineering services help clients redesign their business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We offer guidance on process analysis, design, and implementation to help clients achieve their operational objectives and improve performance.

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